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How it Works

Make An Appointment

Go to appointment tab, Fill up your details, Appointment for Doctor or Tests, add remarks if any and book ur appointment online or directly in our Dignostic centre

Diagnostic Process

Either the patient will come and provide samples or our trained Phlebotomist can go to your home and collect the samples for specific test. The Patients are also well come in our centre.

Get The Test Result

On completion of test process and approval of results, the same to be synchronized in Web. The report can be downloaded by the patient with proper credentials..

Welcome to Nucleus Diagnostics

A Unit of Nucleosome Wellness Pvt Ltd. We are providing one of the most cost effective service, least invasive sources of objective information used in clinical decision-making. We have an impact on many aspects of patient care including, but not limited to, inpatient length of stay, patient safety, innovation in care, patient satisfaction and ultimately patient outcome…

Our Core Services

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